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Elevation is not a function of circumstances. Elevation, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice, and discipline. My goal, my purpose, my calling is to take those willing to sacrifice mediocracy and elevate their business from good to great. I will be your resource, I will be your mentor, I will be your consultant, and I will be your teacher. The road from good to great starts by taking the first step…

Seminar Details

Join us for a cocktail hour, dinner, and hands-on seminar. You’ll master the Elev8 approach to guerilla marketing and using social media to dominate your field, increase revenue, and stay relevant for years to come.

• Network with confidence
• Leverage your influence
• Increase your market share
• Grow your business

Gift Bag:
Full kit of the LXVE. Alchemy product line ($400 value)
Elev8 exclusive t-shirt & pin

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