There should be more pictures, but I was testing out a new filter, which I didn’t know how to use very well. These were the pictures I was happy with.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending the Byrd Mena, Rise of Hair event. I wasn’t able to make The last one due to scheduling conflicts. The response from the previous one was so incredible that I made it a priority to attend the blackout edition. I had no idea what to expect. I was aware it would be an excellent opportunity to meet the artist that I respect but never had the chance to meet face to face. The only expectation I had was knowing it was going to be great because of the reputation of the Toni & Guy brand. Other then that, I was along for the ride. And man was it a ride.

The trip was supposed to start by several of the crew meeting up in Brooklyn and driving up together to Connecticut. Well, as soon as I landed, that changed. Our previous arraignment was no longer an option, and everyone was landing at times that made it impossible to wait for each other. But the show must go on. After a $200, two hour long Uber ride, I arrived in CT. First on the Agenda was meeting up with Leche, Diego, and Jonathan. Jonathan, who had rented out an Airbnb that slept 12 people, had resolved the where would I be staying during this trip. Cool, but no so fast. About 10 mins after I got to Connecticut, Jonathan found out the cabin he rented had no electricity, and the bathroom was an outhouse. Don’t worry, don’t panic, quick thinking allowed me to rent what may have seemed the last room in CT. Now it was time to see the venue.

The amount of respect that I have for Ronald is incredible. The day before, this talented videographer was filming non-stop capturing the last minute details for tomorrow’s show. It was an absolute pleasure to witness. The ice cream that we got may have helped my euphoria a bit ;).

On the day of the show, I can say I was indeed taken back by the vibes and positive energy at the venue. The Rise of Hair is significant for me because it marks a shift in my mentality. Up until this point, I have been slowly exiting the ‘behind the chair’ part of the hair industry. Rise of Hair re-light the passion that I have for actually cutting hair. Being behind the chair and putting hair on the floor. In the most humble of ways, thank you! Until next year.

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