Smiles & Uncertainties

Have you ever heard the saying, “smile in the face of adversity?” Chances say, of course, and given the current climate, more actual words have never been cliche’d. If we can reset 2020, I believe the world would be unanimous for the first time. ….Wow! Now while I can appreciate the bravado that it takes to speak those words, I also don’t believe it applies to every situation. On the surface, we smile, which is almost immediately followed by uncertainties. Understandably, because in recent memory, those two didn’t live so closely together.

We smile, yet we are uncertain. We are uncertain, and yet we smile. This moment in time, however inconvenient, has proven to bear the fruit of resilience. Income streams have dried up, friendships have become distant, and 6 feet is now the standard in personal space. Yet we wake up every day, optimistic. At least that is what the consensus is telling me. We refresh our news apps, newly installed for most, make some coffee and start our Corona version of a day in the life. *cue music* Uncertain is the mood as we refresh our President’s April 30th target lockdown date. Logic tells me that the date will more than likely be pushed back again. I know! _Shoulder shrug_ Yet, I hold onto hope that we miraculously eradicate this epidemic tomorrow.

*Oh! There goes gravity, back to reality we go.*

Smiling my ass off in the face of adversity. I mean workout, check. Organize everything, double-check. Still, the middle of the day, what the fuck. The act of sitting home and being productive is easy. The unknown of when, how, where, and who will happen after is enough to force me to think about opening up one of the many bottles of expensive liquor I currently have displayed in a complex, alphabetically sorted, weight, and bottle size, dust-free display. ++Wink, wink.++

I have too many sneakers. Correction, I have too many sneakers that I have never worn. *hmmm, pausing for thought*Where can I sell sneakers? Sidebar: just went down a google search rabbit hole. But, I now know where to sell what looks like a mini footlocker store. Bonus: I traveled 5 minutes into the future, and all I had to do was give up 5 minutes of my past. Full circle, I am currently smiling. You should try it too.

I continue to find productive (ish) things to do with this gift of time. I am uncertain of what will happen, but yet I smile. Maybe because I probably am losing my mind watching this rush of live videos, from experts in everything and anything (newly acquired titles, I checked) to brand new comedians, to the vast majority of people looking for attention. Attention was a drug for a lot, and now we are seeing the brutal detox of when someone tries to kick an addiction. *rant over*

Uncertain, but shit, I still fucking smile. I am not one for advice, and if I were ever to say anything, I would recommend not losing yourself. Smile because you can work on you. Read and write, I know its a weird concept. Work on you. If anything were to fall, due to this social distancing experiment. It was never meant to stand in the first place. Actually, it was destined to collapse once time applied pressure. So smile in the face of uncertainties, and this too shall pass I f-ing hope.


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