Do you have the strength to be challenged? 

When was the last time you felt truly challenged? The last time you pushed past your limits? Ask and be honest with yourself. 

When you challenge yourself, do you understand that you are in control of the success on the other side? Let me explain. You are the bearer of the fruit from the tree of your actions. No matter what you think is happening,  your actions have a symbiotic relationship to the outcome. Whether you’re gaining ground and making progress, or starting from square one, your actions, and solely your actions, are the fuel that’s needed to overcome your challenges. No matter how badly you want success, and even with the best guidance, without fuel you will be stuck standing in place. 

Lets dig a little deeper…

Are you challenging yourself with a purpose? Or just because it’s the popular thing to do on Instagram? When you challenge yourself, are you selecting easily obtainable goals or goals that seem impossible? It makes a difference. 

We all have heard the saying “select dreams so challenging that success scares you” Well, to be literal, a dream that scares you is a nightmare. In my experience, everyone focuses too much on the dream, on the final destination, and they completely overlook the journey. The journey is where the battle is fought. It is where you earn your success via sweat, blood and tears, courtesy of many challenges. 

The art of surviving a challenge depends on accepting that you will be put through the wringer on the road to success. Once you accept this, you will be instantly cast on a journey of growth. You will be art in the making. You will be Jean-Michel Basquiat as he preps his canvas. You will be Andy Warhol mentally pre-gaming before applying a single brush stroke. You will embody Damien Hirst at the moment of madness that an idea is materialized. You will own all these moments. You will know this luxury in your own right. You will be on your own unique journey in whichever way you choose to challenge yourself. 

The beauty of art is that its value is nothing but relative. How the art, or in this case the challenge, relates to someone sets its perceived value. Whether you are building a brand, training for a sport, or even executing on a vision for a company, the challenges you face determine their own value. The better you can handle the challenges, the higher the value. That is why I claim there is an art to a challenge. Executing is not just executing. The way you execute holds weight in the overall equation. Finesse is essential: we often hear the saying “he makes it look easy” and for those people, the challenge is an art. They embrace the moment and run towards the turbulence. 

If you take away anything from this, it should be to cherish the chase and enjoy the journey. For when the journey is assigned to both your wants and your needs, the challenge truly becomes an art.

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