The Lockdown Tapes (explained)

It seems that everyone is fighting for success. Trying to elevate and reach the so-called promised land. And for whatever reason, that is a beautiful thing. Wanting to better yourself and your situation should be an ongoing, ever-evolving, consumption type of life mission. Coming from immigrant parents, that has been my way of life since, well ever. The pursuit of happiness is a fruit that grows on the trees of success, and here is your apple. We spend all the time reaching for that elusive goal, which continues to move away from us as the hands of Father-Time tick away. We never talk about what happens when you achieve success. Or better yet we when we look from a self point of view, we’re unsuccessful, but when prospective is applied, that is never the case. This is what it means to be suffering from success. This suffering is inferred by not setting the “I made it point,” Dave Chappell. This suffering is inflicted by jumping on the hamster wheel that your journey has the potential to turn into.

How can we limit how much suffering we endure? How can we jump off the hamster wheel, or one-up it and never jump on, to begin with? Is there a secret to success? Is there a hidden route, that would make the process enjoyable? That answer would be no! Capital letters and underlined. When we hyper-focus on success, you can’t see the forest for the trees. In my experience, I have learned that you should cherish the chase as much as the trophy. With everything you do, give it all have. Fully commit. And if you can’t give it your all, there is simply too much on your plate. This loosely accepted fact makes the secret to success, execution at the highest level. In everything that you do, execute to the max of your abilities. And if your max isn’t good enough, get better. No shortcut, just a whole lot of sweat blood and tears.

Now, to execute at that level, you must have balance in your life. That is across the board, with no exemptions. From family to relationships, from business to personal and so on. Balance is key. The balance will keep you sane, but most importantly, balance is for creativity. When you are balanced, the river of creativity flows free. Uninhibited, unhindered, without limits and to its purest most potent form. That is your karma for maintaining the scales of balance leveled and consistent.

The blessings will become. The accolades will get distributed. You will shine, you will glow, you will win. You will disrupt your industry. Bless! And that is once you start looking and holding yourself accountable for your actions. Do things happen to you or happen around you? That’s a good question, right? Jay-Z voice. Control your environment and then give me that answer. But understand that when I say control, I do not mean manipulation. Big difference. Put your aura in a figurative cage, control what comes in and what goes out. What impacts you and what doesn’t. That is the P.O.E.M. that will manifest from living in a Byrd cage. Beautiful and durable, confident, and determined. The rose that grew from concrete. Connect the dots and find unity.

We are living in a world of inequalities. People will hold your respect when it is convenient for them. Yes, convenience dictates respect. Which brings up the “are people naturally good or naturally bad” question of life. The playing field is Equal; until it’s not. There is a pecking order, unjustified and immoral. But we look up to “them.” Some wish they were us. An eye for an eye, well, we all know the often ignored latter part of that quote. Someone like you, it’s more like someone unlike you. I have a daughter and will not wish for her to be colorblind because the other side looking greener. Baby girl, you can be whoever you want to be, even yourself. Lxve!

Ohana, for life, let’s Krush the world. It’s in your body of work because we are what we learn. We are a collection of our life experiences. Products of our environments, and there is no way around that. Your culture should be your main principle. That is your North Star. That is what you can lean on when shit hits the fan. When everything else is not working, the culture will still function. It stands the test of time because I can see it in companies 100 years later. Far removed from its original inception. The reality is that culture only matters when your back is turned. Because if you turn your back and your core values are not being respected, you never implemented a lifestyle; you ended up setting rules. And we all know rules are meant to be broken. Understand, acknowledge, and move on.

Show me your friends, and I will show you a collection of you. Partnerships and teamwork are so pivotal, and I can not seem to understand why this rule of life is so often ignored. Is it because of the potential money earned? Or a position that could be gained? For whatever reason, I can personally attest to that not being a good idea. Somethings you can’t get back and somethings you will lose forever. I think we go through life with a sense of immortality. We believe that we can bounce back from anything. I say, why make a mistake, to begin with. I am not saying to not take any chances, there is a difference. What I am saying is that we will all die one day, why expose your character for the root of all evil. Money comes and goes, but relationships will last forever. When it is all said and done. When the next generations are reading the pages in your book. What will be your impact be in their lives?

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